Ionia dedicates its e-commerce to B2B customers but not only: analyzing the new market trends, it has decided to create B2B2C (Business-to-Business-to-Consumer) e-commerce. B2B customers purchase from e-commerce and can reach the final consumer directly from this platform by indicating, during the purchase, the shipping address of the goods.

K-Design by IoLab

Ionia Stone Identity is aiming to combine its experience of shaping materials and current needs of the market, through the potential of the e-commerce. Thanks to the studies carried out by IoLab, which is Ionia's department of research and development laboratory, K-Design is born. This is the first collection of modular ceramic washbasins branded Ionia Pietre Naturali.



Featuring over two hundred materials including Natural Stone, Quartz Agglomerate and Ceramic with different surface finishes, the IONIA catalogue offers one of the most diverse and comprehensive selections on the market. The range is constantly evolving, following and anticipating design trends. Samples offer a better representation of the materials and finishes, although they are only intended to provide a general impression of the products. In this area you can finally purchase samples of the materials included in Ionia Stone Identity's catalogue or even to request materials or surfaces whether not included.


When it comes to the maintenance and cleaning of the kitchen or bathroom top, it is of fundamental importance to consider the material with which the top is made. Whether it is marble, granite, natural quartzite, quartz composite or porcelain, there are some tips that are valid for all kitchen tops. Here you will find some tips to keep the tops at their best for a longer time and you can choose from the various kits or products for ordinary cleaning and for treating the tops.

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