The end of the year is always a good moment to look back on the last year, to be grateful for how far you have grown, the ones you love, the memories that you gained.
We are grateful for our clients, friends, family and everybody that makes our work and life extra special.
In the picture: “Selce” is not just a vase in Carrara White Marble, it is first of all the result of the research conducted by the sculptor Matteo Cavaioni for Ionia Stone Identity. With a leap into the past, Ionia recalls its artisan origins, commissioning the sculptor fifty exclusive pieces. The shape and name of this vase are reminiscent of the spear heads obtained from the processing of flints: in the Stone Age, Man used this system to sharpen the rudimentary sticks for hunting.
"Selce" is a work of art, obtained from a small block of marble which, thanks to its chromatic and morphological characteristics, makes each single sculpture piece unique.
The art of "shaping"
Matteo Cavaioni, sculptor born in Negrar in 1973, lives and works in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella, located in Verona. Since 1999 he has participated in national and international collective exhibitions, as well as sculpture symposiums.
Our IONIA family wants to wish you all the best for the holidays & a loving 2022.
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