A long road that starts from afar, with obstacles and many challenges, from 1972 to this day.


Vincenzo Battaglia, born in 1934, returning from decades of work experience in the United States, in which he learns entrepreneurial vision and organizational skills, acquires a small artisan marble mason at the time dedicated exclusively to residential building needs.


In a short time a small company become synonymous with seriousness and quality, grows and moves to a new larger production site, at that time the largest and best structured in the south of Italy. In these years of constant growth, "La Marmeria" now helped by a few dozen collaborators, is less and less an artisan masonry and increasingly a small industry.


The 80s are years of constant growth, residential building throughout Italy has a tumultuous expansion so there was a constant demand for stairs, thresholds, floors and marble coverings; every week slabs from Carrara (il Bianco) were delivered to the Company, Tivoli (Travertino) Caserta (Perlato) and Puglia (Trani). The first Granites (Bianco and Rosa Sardo) and the first colored ones from Brazil (Giallo Veneziano) approached. With the incoming of Granites, Natural Stone becomes part of the furniture of every house (Kitchen, bathroom, Fireplaces). The first semi-industrial production lines of Kitchen Tops are installed. Warehouse and offices and production are further expanded. The second generation appears joining the Company after school experience (and years of apprenticeship).


The strength of the new generation and the ambition to face new challenges and wider markets, leads to the opening of the Rivoli Veronese headquarters, directly in the most important stone sector in the world. They are intense years of hard work, starting as subcontractors of the most important companies in the sector and then as time passes slowly acquiring directly national and foreign customers. In this phase we start with a Modular-marble production line (acquired from the previous property) and in the same time a semi-industrial production-line for Kitchen / Bathroom Countertops thank to the first CNC on the market. At this stage, the Modular-marble tile cutting is also starting to produce a new line of Mosaics, very on vogue in that period, as started in the primary company.


The market, now as large as the world, requires more effective organizational choices, so from there the decision to structure the Company in 3 production units, as different divisions grouped in a single Holding. Ionia Pietre Naturali was born in Verona, first as a brand, then as an independent company aiming international markets.


The years of the crisis led to severe organizational strategies. Low value-added such as Modular-marble products and Mosaics, that require unskilled labor, are definitively discontinued. The focus is exclusively on highly specialized production, both artisan and technical. The number of CNC machinery is expanded and at the same time the knowhow of the workers is growing with the clear aim of combining craftsmanship and technology that better distinguishes Made in Italy.


The choice to bet on what we do best in Italy, beautiful and well- made products are a winning choice. Over the years, the culture of THE matter, the attention to detail, the precision and reliability of technology, leads more and more to participate in the realization of prestigious residential and hotel projects, working closely with designers and architects. The path of constant growth over the years brings us to the goal of a new production site of over 6,000 square meters where new technologies of the latest generation, logistics capacity, computerization of the production process, quality and control protocols guarantee high levels of precision and productivity.

We have a vision

We are stone craftsmen and over the years we have learned how to work industrial technical surfaces (Quartz and porcelain). We work with the most important Italian ceramic and furniture industries, we have learned to manage residential and hotel orders all over the world.

We will increasingly be a company able to offer and transform surfaces of different nature, Sintered Solid Surface, laminate, etc.

Contractors, furniture industries and Modular pod contractors are and will be our preferred partners.

We will deepen the cooperation with designers and architects who have so far successfully collaborated with us, developing ideas and products together, with the ambition to combine the uniqueness of the material with the harmony of shapes. Aesthetics and practice, beautiful and well made, quality and competence. We are all of this.

A long road that starts from afar and that with some obstacles and many challenges wants to go far.